Paul Davis for Ridgeway

For businesses, healing after fire damage can turn into a lengthy and expensive task. Fire can rip apart a building, but additional harm from smoke and ash may linger long after the fire has been quenched. Additionally, the smell these substances leave may hang in the atmosphere for years if left untreated and hurt your business’ reputation

Living through a fire can be challenging and Paul Davis knows that your beloved company and livelihood are at risk. In addition to emergency fire damage removal and remediation, we specialize in removing ash and smoke damage too. Across the Ridgeway area, Paul Davis Restoration has helped commercial property like yours bounce back from big and small fires.

How We Assist You

  • 24/7 emergency response – arrive prepared within hours
  • Thorough damage analysis, pretesting and estimates from specialists
  • Emergency boarding and structural stabilization
  • Fewer toxins used to remove ash and smoke
  • Cleaning, smoke smell elimination and air purification
  • Commercial contents cleaning – no matter what your company does, we can sanitize harmed goods inside
  • Water removal – industrial grade extractors, fans and dehumidifiers
  • Rebuilding for the harmed areas
  • Professional Sanitation designed to keep out mold and mildew

Why Trust Paul Davis?

The Paul Davis professionals understand how devastating fires can be on commercial properties, so we act quickly to return your building back to its original state. Our education, cleaning methods and years of experience help us complete the restoration effectively the first time. We can save items using specialized equipment and cleaning techniques, typically being able to restore the goods inside your business to their normal condition. Additionally, the Paul Davis team will guide you through the insurance claims process to make it as easy as possible for your business.

If your company has experienced a fire, reach out to the fire damage and smoke removal professionals at Ridgeway Paul Davis. Our local service masters will be there to help.